Nicolo' Fragile, internationally renowned artist, began his musical career in the late '80s as an arranger and over the years has collaborated with famous Italian artists: Mina, Eros Ramazzotti, Irene Grandi, Renato Zero, Vasco Rossi, Gianluca Grignani, Mario Venuti, Stadio, Alex Baroni, Celentano, Ornella Vanoni, and Loredana Bertè.

During his 20-years career he has worked on over 200 albums.

Born in (Leonforte, En (20 September 1966), he moved to Milan with his family after a few months of life and began his career at a very young age as a jazz and rock pianist and shortly after the mid-80 began to make a name as a session man, recording for Roberto Vecchioni, Loredana Berte, Riccardo Fogli, becoming gradually more and more familiar with the work of a sound engineer.

He is one of the few Italian artists known internationally as a musician, as a producer and arranger, widely quoted and appreciated in any musical genre, from pop to rock and from jazz to metal.

From 1998 he began, with the album "Leggera", a prestigious collaboration with Mina and a special mention must given to the album "MinaCelentano" of 1998 (records sales album), where the innovative sounds of the album is a collaborative effort of Nicolò as a pianist and arranger. In addition to their artistic collaboration, Nicolò and Mina are linked by a sincere bond of friendship and mutual respect. It is also impossible not to mention the album "Bula Bula" (2005), where Nicolò is the author and composer of the songs “Vai e vai e vai“ e “Dove sarai” .

Since 2001 he has been Gotthard’s guest keyboarder, the Swiss rock band par excellence, with 12 out of 13 albums entered directly into the top 10, they have sold millions of records worldwide; Nicolò was involved in several months of the year in Gotthard’s world promotion tour. He wrote with singer Steve Lee one of the most famous ballads of the band: "Tears to Cry", which is in the last album "Need To Believe" of 2009.
The album was released in September 2009 and topped the album charts; the song "Tears To Cry" is one of three singles from this album.

In 2002, the Italian band “Stadio” chose him as the arranger and producer of their album "Occhi negli occhi", which contains the single "Soprendimi" with which the band returned to the radio and was certified 3 times platinum.
Nicolò worked in all the subsequent studio albums of the band.
Nicolò was involved in orchestral conducting, directing in the late evening in duet with Teresa Salgueiro, Madredeus singer, the song "Guardami" live from the Sanremo Festival of that year in 2008. In the same album "Parole nel Vento" (2007) he is co-author of the song "Innamorarsi ancora."

In 2003 he started working with Irene Grandi as a producer and arranger; along with Vasco Rossi, and Gaetano Curreri, Nicolò worked on the album "Prima di partire," then "Indelibile" 2005 and "Irene Grandi Hits" with the song "Bruci la città "(2007).
Nicolo was instrumental in the passage of the Artist from an image of teen music to a new, more mature and deep, look.

During the first edition of "Amici di Maria de Filippi " Nicolò worked on the release as a producer of the singles of Alessandra Amoroso “Immobile”, Valerio Scanu, “Domani”, Luca Napolitano “Vai” and of the albums “Scialla” which sold 200.000 copies.
He also produced Luca Napolitano’s first solo album “Vai” (certified gold in 2009), Luca’s second album “Infinito” and “Di Me” released in October 2010.

Also through the partnership with "Amici di Maria de Filippi" Nicolò worked with author Federica Camba (certified gold and platinum for the albums “Dentro ad ogni brivido”, “Polvere di stelle”, “Estranei a partire da ieri”, “Stupida”, “Immobile” and “Davvero”).

Since 2004 he is has been Mario Lavezzi’s producer, Nicolò arranged and produced Lavezzi’s albums “Passionalità" 2004, and "A piu' voci" 2009.

Nel 2007 viene chiamato da Mara Maionchi a collaborare in qualità di Vocal Coach della categoria 16-24, alla prima edizione del format televisivo X Factor, dove scopre e seleziona insieme a Mara talenti come Silvia Aprile (poi prodotta da Pino Daniele) e Tony Maiello (vincitore dell'edizione 2010 del festival di Sanremo categoria Nuova Generazione). Tutt'ora segue la realizzazione di diversi progetti discografici del programma stesso, fra cui la realizzazione degli arrangiamenti della compilation "X factor Christmas Album".

In 2007 Mara Maionchi wanted Nicolò to work as a Vocal Coach in the 16-24 categor of the first edition of X Factor Italy, where he discovered and selected new talents such as Mara Silvia Aprile (then produced by Pino Daniele) and Tony Maiello (the 2010 winner of the Sanremo Festival in the category New Generation). Nicolò is still involved in several recording projects with the program, including arrangements for the compilation of the "X factor Christmas Album".

In 2008 Nicolò worked with Jacob Samuel, singer of the band Poodles (a Swedish heavy metal band formed in 2006) writing songs for the new album expected to be released in the following spring. The singles released were "Out of Ten" in February 2009 as the first single which reached No. 5 in the charts, and "Pilot of the storm," track 9 of the album "Clash of the Elements." The album reached the 5th position of the charts in their native Sweden.

After the tragic death of singer Steve Lee of Gotthard (August 1963 - October 2010), the band's tour is suspended until a future date; at the moment, Nicolò is focused on studio projects.